Top-level Files of 0.15

Files in the top-level directory of check-in 0.15

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  • build
  • patches
  • platform
  • scripts
  • build-cc
  • collect-platform
  • setup-cc

Simple Cross Compiler build script.

Tools Included:
		Collects platform-specific files (such as headers and
		libraries) required to build a usable cross-compilation
		environment.  It is intended to be run on a system that
		represents the platform you wish to build a cross compiler
		for.  The "platform file", which will be named
		"<platformname>-platform.tar.bz2" should be copied to the host
		where you would like to build the cross compiler, in the
		"platforms" sub-directory of "build-cc".

		Builds the cross-compiler.  Running it with no arguments
		lists the available platforms.  Running it with one argument
		builds a cross-compiler for that platform.  If present a
		"build-cc.conf" file will be sourced from this script to alter
		the environment.  Relevant environment variables:
			CCROOT:  Specifies where the cross-compiler root tree
			         is -- every cross-compiler will be installed
			         in a sub-directory of this directory.
			MAKE: Ideally a GNU make, may also include options
			TAR: Ideally a GNU tar
			PATCH: Ideally a GNU patch, but anything that
			       understands unified diffs will work

		If run with no arguments it lists the available platforms,
		otherwise it produces on stdout a bourne-shell compatible set
		of statements to setup a shell for cross-compiling for a
		specific platform.  It should be installed in the "CCROOT"

Example of Usage:
	1. Solaris 10/SPARC Cross Compiler
		a. solaris10$ wget -O collect-platform \
		b. solaris10$ chmod +x collect-platform
		c. solaris10$ ./collect-platform
		d. solaris10$ scp sparc-sun-solaris2.10-platform.tar.bz2 \
		e. linux$ mkdir -p ~/root/cross-compilers
		f. linux$ cp setup-cc ~/root/cross-compilers/
		g. linux$ ./build-cc sparc-sun-solaris2.10
		i. linux$ eval `~/root/cross-compilers/setup-cc \
		j. linux$ $CC -o test test.c

	2. Linux Cross Compiler (uClibc)
		a. linux$ mkdir -p ~/root/cross-compilers
		b. linux$ cp setup-cc ~/root/cross-compilers/
		c. linux$ ./build-cc mipsel-unknown-linux-uclibc
		d. linux$ eval `~/root/cross-compilers/setup-cc \
		e. linux$ $CC -o test test.c